Manolis Pentes
was born on Patmos island. He studied journalism in Athens but chose to return and live on Patmos. He is self-taught. He initially focused on figurative paintings and he mainly experimented in landscapes with oils, acrylics and mixed techniques.
For some time he was also involved in Byzantine hagiography into which he was initiated by Olympiada Vasilaki, an eminent hagiographer of the Monastery of Evangelismos in Patmos.
Gradually, he was won over by abstract painting. Since 2014 he focused more on color itself with minimal or no drawing.
He participated in the group exhibition in Patmos on the subject of “Water” held on 3 -24 August 2014.
Individual exhibition in PATMION Cultural Centre held on 11 – 21 August with works from the years 2015 – 2016
His personal exhibition in the Cultural Center of Auderghem, held on 21 – 30 April 2017 with 55 works painted in the winter 2016 -2017.
His works can be found in private collections in Greece, France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Turkey and others.